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Abs Attack Exercise Routine 2 - Awesome Abs Workout

[postlink][/postlink][starttext]Abs workouts at home have become very popular because of its convenience and schedules of people. When it comes to body shaping and fitness is what everyone wants most, a flat stomach or six pack abs. Without doubt they are looking for great beach, but the stronger ABS also support the spine.

Adoption of a home abs workout routine page requires you to accept ABS abs some basic exercises into your routine. Establishments in this article are a few of them.

1. Basic crunches. Lie on the floor with knees bent, place hands behind head. She took a deep breath, lift your shoulders. The trunk should be based on the abdominal muscles and never feel the neck. Back to the prone position on the exhale. First, do 50-55 repetitions and gradually increase.

2. Roman Crunch. Put yourself in the same position as the crisis started. Raise your shoulders and how to do this, lift your right knee. Go back to the starting position. Repeat with left knee.

3. Just Impact. These lying, you must keep your knees straight. Raise your shoulders, while putting the burden on the ABS. This is good for lower abdominal muscles.

4. Bicycle crunches. This is the best and most effective abs workout at home. Lie on your back with your hips bent at 90 degrees and hands behind head. Curling your body forward, bringing your right knee to left elbow and extend the right leg. While the shoulders off the floor to keep from left to right alternately, the opposite knee and elbow together.

Remember to always remember to breathe, and exhale through all the abs exercises.[endtext]

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